Bidet Attachments Top of the List for Women’s Hygiene

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Bidets are for many people a little “funny” thing especially for those who do not know how to use them. They are quite simple. It only serves to clean the body after using the toilet.  Today many companies have created bidet attachments to add to current standing toilets so you no longer have to install a second unit in order to have bidet.

For many households, the bidet has been one for the hygiene standards of a bathroom. Its real purpose meets the bidet to wash the anus and the external genital area and to clean.

Bidets, as already mentioned are very similar to a toilet, it’s called but rather as a sink or small tub. For people with reduced mobility and older people is a bidet an excellent device for personal hygiene.

The question of the proper use also keeps many people from it to use a conventional  bidet.  But this is quite simple: you sit on the bidet. Either facing the faucet, or vice versa,that depends on each situation and person. By closing the basin with a plug, the tank can be filled. Some prefer to wash in running water and have it drain away during cleaning. Some models have a bidet nozzle. From this the water is sprayed in the direction of the genitals.

There are even models with heated seats, with a kind of electronic control or even a built-in air dryer. This dries after cleaning the genital and pubic area.

When using a bidet can be assumed to be excellent hygiene. Even if there are involved in the use of the hands. It is much more hygienic than toilet paper use it ever can be. Many people choose to own both because of the better cleansing. First, the toilet paper for the rough. Then the bidet for the hygienic cleaning.

For many people with hemorrhoids can be very useful. For this purpose a small excursion into the Biology: The human anus has up to the 1000 skin folds, the cleaning with toilet paper is not sufficient. This can lead to infections and hemorrhoids. The bidet provides the solution for optimum cleaning.

You can purchase them in many shapes and designs as well as bidet attachments. Even for the smallest bathrooms bidets are designed, the inferior in functionality and design of sanitary facilities for large pools in nothing. Whether a little extravagant, or nostalgic, whether with or without lids. Whether fixed on countertop porcelain or crystal. The range is so versatile and caters to every wish of nearly everyone.
Since the models are quite different, making the prices accordingly. For a normal floorstanding the standard version is priced around $500 – $700, depending on the model are then rising up to 800, – or more.  For bidet attachments you can pick them up for as little as $99 at biffy bidet.

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Warren L. Smith M.D. is the owner of the American Biffy Co., Ltd. and inventor of the Biffy's signature bidet attachment for the commode. Because the vast majority of urinary tract infections are caused by E. coli and other intestinal pathogens, Dr. Smith developed an affordable bidet system to counter the root cause for just such health/hygienic issues. Dr. Smith has a long established and respected family practice in Boulder City, NV and continues to develop product lines for the Biffy Bidet.

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Bidet Attachments Top of the List for Women’s Hygiene

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Bidet Attachments Top of the List for Women’s Hygiene

This article was published on 2011/01/13