Menopause and Women catch-up with Men

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Happy Couple

Happy Couple

Around the age of 50, women pass a period when their menstrual period ends. This is marked as menopause. They cannot give birth any more as they lose their fertility. Some women may face this phase quite early or quite late. However when women have insufficient amount of hormones they experience menopause. Removing ovary for medical reason also brings menopause. Menopause affects woman socially as well. They try to catch-up with men during this period.

Women suffer in various ways by menopause. During these years their hearts and circulatory diseases become common, because they lose protective effects on these diseases. They feel a drop in estrogen and progesterone levels.  They need to get complete check-ups by a qualified physician. Women of pre-menopause years can also do that.

Women passing menopause period need to eat a healthy diet. Their diet must contain low salt, low fat but rich in calcium. They must seek for natural remedies to avoid side effect of menopause. They must be careful to do physical exercise. At least they should find a minimum time for physical exercise while planning for a daily routine. Physical exercise will help them to avoid heart and circulatory problems. So they need to think and analyze their daily life to become healthy and free from diseases.

Though women pass menopausal years, they try to catch-up with men. That means their career ambitions remain high while passing menopause period. One reason is that they have a lot of time to think because their children move out of the family nest by this time, which means they do not need to take care of their adult children. Women passing pre-menopause period gets better facilities in their job field because they can spend more time and become professional in the company.

But they should be careful. They must not smoke or drink alcohol. These are the example of unhealthy habits. If they have these unhealthy habits, they need to remove this in order to catch-up with men.

During menopausal years, they can get a great relationship with their spouse with a great maturity. While passing through menopausal phase, women become conscious about their personal needs like their spouses. They think that their needs are also important. So men should discuss it and be sympathetic about their changes. Men need to fulfill women’s demand and help them  with their catch-up role. Effective and serious discussion is needed between women passing menopause period and their spouse.

But all women may not realize that their spouses are paying attention to her. They do not need to feel isolated. Discussing with other women can be helpful to fulfill their demands. As a result women can make relationships with other women who are passing this period or have already passed.  Thus they can feel that they are not the only one who is suffering from menopause. This is a great power for them.

Women of pre-menopause can also go to a support group. Nowadays information technology is very much advanced. So if they cannot attend meetings physically, they can join the group by internet.

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Menopause and Women catch-up with Men

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Menopause and Women catch-up with Men

This article was published on 2011/01/04