Menopause is a Natural Occurrence for Women

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Menopause is a natural occurrence for women and is something that every woman will face at some point in her life. Fortunately, studies have been done to provide herbal treatments and remedies for women going through this stage. The herbal remedies, as controversial as it is, can potentially provide positive effects for women who experience menopausal symptoms. Here are some common menopausal symptoms and the best form of herbal therapy is associated with each:

Hot flashes - Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms for women during menopause. The hot flashes can last up to 6 minutes and may occur several times a day.

Herbal treatment - Black Cohosh (also known as Squaw root, black snake root or rattle weed) has been studied and proven as a reliable treatment for hot flashes.

Many women experiencing menopausal symptoms also have difficulty sleeping. If you suffer from sleeplessness on a regular basis, probably suffer from chronic insomnia.

Herbal remedies - The Kava (or Kawa) is used worldwide as treatment for anxiety and insomnia. Other remedies proven effective for insomnia and sleeplessness is valerian root and hops.

Swing depression and mood - Although most people joke about women who are depressed and volatile during menopause, these symptoms are very serious if not treated properly, can become dangerous and harmful.

Herbal treatment - The wart of John (also known as goat weed) has proven an emotional antidepressant to reverse feelings of depression which many menopausal women experience.

Abnormal hair growth - The abnormal hair growth (also called hirsuitism) is perhaps one of the most troublesome symptoms for women suffering from menopause. The abnormal hair growth can appear anywhere, although above the upper lip is usually a common goal.

Herbal treatment - Saw Palmetto (also known as Serenoa repens or windmill palm) is used to treat men with enlarged prostate and for women experiencing abnormal hair growth during menopause.

Chaste tree berry - The chaste tree berry, sometimes known as castus agnus Chasteberry or Vitex has been used since ancient Greek times to treat a range of diseases. It is thought to stimulate the production of progesterone, and has proven to be very effective in alleviating severe PMS and a range of menopausal symptoms.

Menopause is a difficult time for every woman, but every woman has to face at some point. The approach menopause with a positive attitude has been shown to reduce the chance of some menopausal symptoms such as depression and anxiety. The investigation of therapies and treatments is the best way to prepare for this stage of your life. This way, when that happens, you know what to expect and how best to consider.


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Menopause is a Natural Occurrence for Women

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This article was published on 2010/11/02